Cynthia Sexton

Meet Cynthia

SF on my eyes, Cynthia “I paint images I find in nature that attract me by their abstract shapes and vibrant colors and I am especially drawn to the colors created by the effects of light.  I look closely for subtle shifts of color and attempt to enhance them in my paintings.  I am first drawn to a subject as it relates to its environment, but eventually paint only a portion or close-up view.  The intimate view I provide in my paintings best expresses the importance of the individual to the whole and its contribution.   I have always been attracted to watercolor because of the luminosity and transparency of the medium.”

Cynthia taught Far Eastern Art at Chico State University for a number of years and has now shifted her focus to watercolor painting instruction.  She teaches watercolor classes at Ninth Avenue Gallery & Studio in Chico, CA and is also available for private and/or group instruction.



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